48 Minute Timer

The current timer is set to 48 minutes, and you can click "Start/Pause/Reset/Full Screen" to control this 48 minutes timer.


Set another timer

How do I set a timer for 48 minutes? This page has already set a 48 minutes timer for you, you just need to click "Start" to start the 48 minutes timer.

If you want to pause the 48 minutes timer, just click the "Pause", if you want to continue, click the "Start" to continue the 48 minutes timer. Of course, you can also click the "Reset" to restart the 48 minutes timer.

Or, if you need another timer rather than a timer for 48 minutes, you can set the time for another timer by click the "Settings".

Set a timer for 48 minutes, timer will countdown for 2880 seconds.

48 Minute Timer With Seconds

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